Non-Surgical Facial Skin Tightening Is Possible

When discussing facial skin tightening, it is normal to think of a surgical procedure. However, a person can also receive the benefits of skin tightening in a non-invasive form. Learn more about the non-surgical option for facial skin tightening to discover if this therapy option is right for you. 

The Non-Surgical Method

There are various therapy options available to produce skin tightening benefits; however, two of the more common methods are radiofrequency treatments and ultrasound treatments. Radiofrequency therapy uses focused heat to activate specific receptors in the body to produce collagen, a natural skin-tightening protein. 

As collagen production increases, more loose skin is targeted to amplify your results. Ultrasound skin tightening involves targeting ultrasound energy at the skin's surface. Like radiofrequency therapy, this method also prompts the production of collagen production which will produce tighter and firmer skin over time. Both ways can produce facelift-like benefits without the surgery.

Non-Surgical Tightening Offers Benefits

These forms of therapy offer more than just the benefit of avoiding surgery. Surgery is a medical procedure, and as such, risk is always involved. Scars, downtime, and anesthesia reaction risks are just some of the common side effects.

Non-surgical options are just the opposite. First, there is no risk of scarring with these methods. Second, while the treatment results may take some time to surface fully, you can return to your normal activities immediately. There is no need to take off work and recover. Lastly, since no sedation methods are used, you do not have to worry about experiencing any adverse effects from the anesthesia medication.

Less Invasive Therapy Candidates

Not every person who wants to achieve tighter skin on their face is considered an ideal candidate for this procedure. A good candidate is typically someone in good health overall. Some prescription medications put the skin at a heightened risk for heat intolerance. Since these methods involve heat, any candidate should be free and clear of these drugs. Speak with your healthcare provider to assess your risk.

Additionally, this therapy is best for individuals with a moderate or lower level of loose skin. The results of the non-invasive therapy are not quite as dramatic as surgical methods, so candidates that only need a little help in this area are generally best. 

Remember, the luxury of a tighter, more youthful-looking face can be achieved without undergoing a surgical operation. If you believe you can benefit from facial skin tightening therapy, speak with a professional about this process.  

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