Fat-Freezing Treatment: Can It Help Your Upper Arms?

If you suffer from flabby upper arms, you may work out every day to tone your arms. But if exercise doesn't tone or shape your upper arms, consider fat-freezing treatment instead. Fat-freezing treatment targets the fat cells in specific areas of the body, including your arms. Learn how fat-freezing treatment works and where you can find treatment for your upper arms below.

What Exactly Is Fat-Freezing Treatment?

Fat-freezing treatment targets the excess fat deposits in your upper arms. Fat deposits occur when fat cells overgrow and form lumps beneath the skin. The deposits can slowly spread out beneath the skin until it sags. Fat-freezing treatment freezes the cells until they die.

The process used to freeze fat cells may seem complex, but it isn't. A specialist will place a pad containing gel over the skin covering your upper arm and armpit. The pad keeps the surface of your skin from becoming too cold during the treatment. 

After a specialist safeguards your skin, they'll suction your skin with an applicator device. As the device suctions your skin, it freezes pockets of fat. It's normal for you to experience tingling and other sensations during the treatment. If you feel any other discomfort during the treatment, alert a specialist immediately. Your skin may be too sensitive to undergo the treatment.

After a specialist completes the treatment, they'll wait until your immune system removes the dead pockets of fat from your upper arms. It may not take long for your immune system to isolate and eliminate the dead cells from your body. A specialist will discuss this part of the treatment with you before they begin.

You may or may not see a marked difference in your upper arms right away. However, you can return to work and other activities immediately after your treatment. 

If you think fat-freezing treatment will improve the condition and appearance of your upper arms, schedule an appointment today.

How Do You Book Your Appointment?

You can book your fat-freezing treatment and/or treatments by calling a spa or salon near you. You can also schedule your appointment online. If you experience problems scheduling your appointment, call a spa and salon directly.

After you arrive at your appointment, a spa and salon will evaluate your skin. The surface of your skin must be free of sores and other things that may interfere with the treatment. If you do have skin issues to address, a spa and salon will refer you to a doctor or specialist for care. If your skin is clear, a spa and salon will treat you.

Book your fat-freezing treatment appointment by calling a spa and salon today.   

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