Hot Stone Massage Therapy: Can It Help Your Aching Back?

If your back aches in the morning or throughout the night, you may take pain medication to feel better. But if pain medication fails to soothe your aching back, ask a spa and salon about hot stone massage therapy soon. Hot stones massage therapy uses the power of heated stones to alleviate muscle pain and inflammation. Learn more about hot stone massage therapy and how a spa and salon can help you below.

What's Hot Stone Massage Therapy? 

Spas and salons use several types of massage therapy treatments to alleviate body pain, including hot stone massage therapy. Hot stone massage therapy uses small heated stones called basalt river rocks to ease body pain and tension. The rocks are smooth and gentle enough to place on the most delicate areas of the body, including on the face and on the palms of the hands. 

Along with treating body pain, hot stone massage therapy may also lower stress, improve sleep, and alleviate inflammation. Some sources reveal that hot stone massage therapy may help alleviate, ease, reduce, or regulate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, water retention, and other health conditions.

If you think hot stone massage therapy will help you, visit a spa and salon for your treatment today. 

What Happens During Your Therapy?

A spa and salon may do a few things to prepare you for your treatment, including evaluating your health. Although hot stone massage therapy is safe to use for most adults, heat may aggravate your skin if it contains open wounds, sores, or other defects. You also want to avoid treatment if you suffer from diabetes, blood clotting issues, or bone problems.

If you have any of the health or skin issues above, a spa and salon may alleviate your backaches with another type of massage therapy. Traditional soft tissue massage may be an option for you. If you're in relatively good health, a spa and salon will complete your hot stone massage therapy treatment.  

Before you receive therapy for your back, a spa and salon may ask you to change into a thin gown or a soft towel. Hot stone massage therapy can take some time to complete. It's important for you to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment. If you have questions about what to wear during your massage, ask a spa and salon right away.

After you complete the actions above, a spa and salon will place heated stones on different areas of your back until you find relief from your pain.

Learn more about massage therapy services by contacting a spa and salon today.  

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