Should You Get Laser Hair Removal On Your Face?

Should you get laser hair removal on your face? If you want to have smoother skin and make your face look less shadowed with hair, then this can be a good idea. Keep in mind that the thicker and darker the hair being removed via laser is, the more successful a laser hair removal treatment can be. You should meet with a licensed laser hair removal specialist before having any hair removed on your face and you should never attempt to remove facial hair on your own.

If you have or do any of the following things, consider getting laser hair removal

You already wax or shave your face

Are you already taking measures to remove the hair off your face? If so, then getting laser hair removal isn't much of a stretch for you and can give you more permanent, smoother, and better results. An aesthetician can show you the benefits of laser hair removal for various parts of your face, including your upper lip, forehead, cheeks, hairline, and even sideburns.

You have dark hair on your face

If you're prone to darker facial hair and you want it removed, then laser hair removal can work well for you. Your laser hair removal specialist can easily target the darker hair on your face and remove much of your hair in a few sessions or less. Lighter or very thin hair can take longer to remove and may not be a good candidate for laser hair removal. You can use laser hair removal in addition to other hair removal treatments if you want.

You have sensitive skin on your face

Any facial treatment should be given heavy consideration before moving forward when you have sensitive skin, but here's the good news — a laser hair removal treatment may be less invasive to your tender facial skin than waxing or other treatments might be. This means you can achieve the skin you want with less interference and you can feel great about the way you look.

If you have waxed or shaved your facial hair and been left with rashes and other tender areas, then give laser hair removal a try. You may want to have your hair removal specialist test a small area of your face before removing whole sections of hair if you're worried about having a reaction. Your treatments should not last long depending on what you're having treated and you can see results right away.

Laser hair removal is a more permanent way to remove some hair from your face and body. It may work well for you; see your salon specialist to learn more. 

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