Pre-Appointment Facts About Cryo Slimming Treatments

If you have an appointment for cryo slimming treatments at a local med spa, then you're probably excited for this opportunity to improve your figure. These treatments have really changed the world of fat reduction, allowing patients to deal with unwanted fat without any incisions or surgery. Knowledge is still power, though — so here are some facts to know prior to your appointment.

Cryo slimming treatments work by killing your fat cells

Some fat reduction procedures work by triggering the fat cells to release the fat they have been storing. When a procedure works this way, it opens up the possibility of the fat returning, since the fat cells can always take on more fat again. The key reason why cryo slimming treatments tend to yield longer-lasting results is that they eliminate the fat cells entirely. The cold triggers your fat cells to undergo a process called apoptosis, which is essentially cell death. With the fat cells gone from the treatment area, you will have a harder time putting weight back on that area in the future. 

Cryo slimming treatments don't work instantly

Sometimes, people leave their appointment, step in front of the mirror, and wonder why they don't look any different. The reason for this is that the results of cryo slimming treatments are delayed. It takes some time for your fat cells to die after the treatment. Then, it takes a little more time for your body to flush out those dead fat cells. You'll start noticing some slimming effects within a few days, and they'll become more pronounced in the weeks that follow. Once they realize what's going on, patients tend to enjoy waking up every day and looking slimmer and slimmer.

Cryo slimming can cause some mild discomfort

One of the big benefits of cryo slimming over other fat reduction procedures is the fact that it's not painful. There are no incisions made, and the skin is not pierced. However, patients do often experience a little discomfort with this treatment. The skin will feel cold while the treatment wand is working. And afterwards, you may have some aching in the treatment area. None of this will be severe enough to keep you from working or completing your life tasks, but it's important that you expect it and realize the discomfort is normal.

The facts above should make you feel more prepared as you head into your slimming appointment. Look into a company like Cryo Breeze for more information. Good luck!

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