Can A Hot Tub Help With Chronic Back Pain?

It's unlikely that anyone thought of a hot tub as a time machine until a certain 2010 film, which was helpfully called Hot Tub Time Machine. While (quite obviously) a hot tub doesn't have any literal time travel capabilities, it may be able to temporarily transport you back in time (in a manner of speaking)—taking you back to before you suffered from chronic back pain.

Beneficial Therapeutic Relaxation

The soothing abilities of hot tubs can be significant, but it should be pointed out that it won't cure your chronic back pain. However, regular soaks can alleviate your symptoms in a variety of ways, meaning this therapeutic relaxation can be extremely beneficial when used in conjunction with whatever treatment has also been recommended—whether this is specific forms of exercise, regular physical therapy, pain medication, or a combination of methods. How exactly does the seemingly simple act of soaking in warm water actually help with chronic back pain?

Inflamed Tissues in Your Back

Although ice or cold compresses can be used to manage swelling, a chronic back injury is a different matter. Soaking in a hot tub can relax and even loosen inflamed tissues, while helping to increase blood flow to the affected area. The entire affected area, in this case it is your back, can be comprehensively exposed at once, since it will be entirely immersed in water.

Some Support from Water

The physical effects of the water in the tub are also relevant. The water helps to support your body weight, essentially minimizing the effects of gravity. Full immersion means that the water can support up to 90% of your body weight. In the hot tub, you'll also be sitting down. This all means that your back has a much-needed break from supporting your weight, which helps to alleviate your discomfort. 

A Hot Tub Isn't a Bathtub

And before you think that you can accomplish all this in your bathtub, remember that the act of climbing in and out of the bath, when combined with the confined position you must assume while in the water, means it may not be the kindest option for your back. There's also the hot tub's water jets which can be used to massage your sore back (most likely your bathtub probably doesn't have this option).

A hot tub isn't going to cure anyone's chronic back pain, but it can significantly relieve your symptoms in a tremendously relaxing way. It can be a useful and extremely soothing addition to your ongoing treatment plans. Check out a place like Marquis Spas for more information.

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