Tips For Peaceful Recovery From Breast Augmentation

Having breast augmentation surgery can be exciting, but the recovery period isn't always the easiest. No matter what you do, there will be some pain, discomfort, and annoyance during this time. However, there are things you can do to minimize that pain, discomfort, and annoyance and enjoy a more peaceful recovery.

Sleep on your back

Even if you are not typically a back sleeper, you should sleep on your back as you recover from breast augmentation surgery. If you were to sleep on your stomach, you would put pressure on the surgical incisions, which could slow down the healing process. If you sleep on one side, this could lead to uneven circulation around the incisions, which could also slow down the healing process. Sleeping on your back takes all pressure off the incisions so they can heal evenly.

Drink plenty of water

There are two reasons to drink plenty of water while you're recovering. First, it allows your body to better flush your blood from all of those inflammatory byproducts it's producing. This can help speed up the healing process. Second, the pain medications patients are typically prescribed after breast augmentation can contribute to dehydration, so you need to drink more than usual to make up for this.

Wear your supportive garments for as long as your doctor recommends

It can be really tempting to try on new bras and see how your new breasts look in clothing. But if you want to recover as well as possible, you need to delay this. Instead, stay in the supportive upper body garments your doctor sent you home with for as long as was recommended. Typically, this is about two weeks. Taking these off too early and switching to a regular bra can put unnecessary pressure on your incisions, slowing down the healing process and leading to more pain.

Massage your breasts

Gently massaging your breasts and the area around them can really help drain inflammation from the area, which can speed up healing. Most doctors or surgical teams will show you how to do this before sending you home. If yours does not, don't hesitate to ask for a quick lesson. 

Recovering from breast augmentation takes time, but with the proper self-massage, the right sleep posture, and a few other tips, you can take control of your recovery and approach it in the most effective way. Talk to a doctor or surgeon to learn more about breast augmentation.

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