What Can Microneedling Do For You

Microneedling is a process in which tiny needles are inserted into the skin, such as using a dermal roller. The roller has multiple microneedles on the roller, and when you roll it onto the skin and apply pressure the needles press into the skin. Microneedling has a number of benefits, and you may be one that can benefit from this procedure. Microneedling can be done by yourself, or it can be done at a salon by a professional. Read on for what microneedling can do for you and your skin.

Improve Elasticity

Microneedling can improve the elasticity of your skin. It can help plump your skin and improve blood flow in your face, allowing your skin to settle back into place without seeing fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin won't be as saggy and will appear more youthful.

Decrease Wrinkles

You'll notice a decrease in the amount of wrinkles on your face, especially the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. This will improve with each and every microneedling treatment. Deeper lines may take other types of treatment, but the fine lines and wrinkles will improve.

Decrease Dark Spots

Dark spots will improve with microneedling procedures. Your skin tone and texture will also improve, and the dark spots will fade with time, as you are increasing collagen production and blood flow to your face. Acne scars will also improve with the use of microneedling procedures. If you have damage from the sun on your skin, or you have a lot of acne scarring, these can fade with microneedling so you can feel more confident with your skin.

Reduce The Amount Of Makeup You Wear

If you use a lot of makeup to cover up your skin because of the tone and texture, you can reduce the amount that you have to use with the use of microneedling procedures. Excessive makeup can cause other issues for your skin, such as increased acne, clogged pores, and oily skin, but if you use microneedling procedures, you can reduce the amount of makeup that you wear and improve your skin tone and texture.

If you haven't had any type of microneedling procedures in the past, you should consider having this treatment done to your skin. Your skin can benefit immensely from these treatments. Get to your local salon and have a microneedling treatment done, and see how much your skin improves from these treatments.

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