Different Shades Of Hair Extensions To Add To Your Brown or Black Hair

Hair extensions come in all sorts of colors, which is why you need to be specific when you tell your hairdresser that you want to get hair extensions. You want your hair extensions to either match your natural hair or to blend with your natural hair as highlights would. Here is an overview of different shades of hair extensions you can go with if you have brown or black hair.  

Jet Black

Jet-black hair extensions are really bold and are as black as you can get. Jet black hair extensions are a nice, cool shade that has a little bit of blue undertones to it that help make your hair look really nice and glossy. Jet black is for individuals who want to go bold with their black hair.  


If you have dark hair, and you want something that is a little more natural-looking, off-black is a better choice for your hair over jet black hair. Instead of having blue undertones like the jet-black hair extensions do, off-black hair extensions will have warm brown undertones instead. This will add depth to your hair and work if you have black hair with brown undertones.  

Mocha Brown

Mocha-brown hair extensions are for individuals with really dark brown hair. As the name implies, mocha-brown hair extensions are a dark expresso shade that have really warm undertones. Mocha-brown hair extensions work well if you have dark brown hair, or even medium brown hair that you want to add some darker highlights to.  

Dark Brown

Dark-brown hair extensions are a little lighter and are a more classic shade that will work well with almost any middle-toned brown hair. Dark-brown hair extensions offer both warm and cool undertones, providing your hair with a really rich coloring.  

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate-brown hair extensions are for individuals who have both red and golden undertones to their hair. These extensions are much lighter and more playful, and work for individuals with lighter brown tones that tend to have a shiny red gloss when out in the sun.  

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut-brown hair extensions have golden brown undertones. These hair extensions are really light, and work well if you have light brown hair with more blond undertones. This is a really warm and bright shade.  

Ash Brown

Finally, you have ash-brown hair extensions. Ash-brown hair extensions have both cool and neutral undertones to them. Ash-brown hair extensions work with most types of light brown hair.  

If you are not sure what color your hair is, get a hair salon professional to help you pick out the shade that will work best with your skin and hair tone. You want your hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair and enhance your natural look.  

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