When You Don't Have Enough Room For A Pool AND A Hot Tub: Options

Not everyone has the luxury of a large backyard. Since the backyard is usually where most people put a pool and hot tub, it means that most homeowners have to choose one or the other when they do not have enough yard. The good news is, now you do not have to make that kind of sacrifice. Here are some options to give you the best of both pool and hot tub worlds.

Small Relaxing Pool with Regular-Sized Spa Tub

Sometimes all you really want is a pool in which to cool off. It is not about exercise for you. It is about getting out of the heat and relaxing comfortably. If that is the case, then you could fit a small relaxing pool with a regular-sized, square spa tub. You can even place these two structures edge to edge in the yard and go back and forth between cooling off and sitting in the jacuzzi bubbles.

Mid-Sized Pool with Small Attached Spa Tub

There are some drop-in pool shells that you can buy and install in the space you have in the backyard. These drop-in fiberglass shells include a small spa tub in one of the four corners of your pool. The spa tub accommodates up to four average-sized people, with two or three sitting quite comfortably. The pool itself has a little more length and depth, but not enough for swimming full laps.

Hot Tub Swim Spas

Everything you want in a pool and a swim spa in one compact unit is found in a hot tub swim spa. These pools are large enough for a party of eight to twelve to sit and relax in the jet streams. They are also designed so that one person can get an aerobic workout swimming against powerful jet streams without having to swim laps. You essentially swim "against the current" when the jets are turned on full blast. When your workout is complete, you can sit back and soak in the weaker jets of the tub!

The best part about this option is that they cost less than a hot tub and pool sold separately or sold as a single attached set. The fact that you can actually swim in this kind of tub is really a nice feature, too. For people who love being in the water, you may find that you never want to get out of these tubs, especially when you include accessories such as a TV and a cold drink bar.

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