Three Foolproof Strategies For Looking Your Best On That Upcoming Special Occasion

Do you have a big event coming up in your life and want to make sure that you look your best? Perhaps you've got a big wedding to go to or your company is throwing a big bash. Whatever the occasion, the last thing you want is to have to deal with a last-minute clothing or hair mishap. Following are three ways you can hedge your bets as far as your appearance goes.

Wear a Little Black Dress

Never underestimate the power of the little black dress, particularly its ability to fit in no matter what the occasion. You won't feel overdressed or underdressed wearing a little black dress because it basically works as a blank canvas that can be dressed down or up using accessories such as jewelry, jackets, and scarves. This is particularly important because the modern definition of black tie seems to be somewhat of a moving target — you can always stash a pair of extra sparkly earrings with a matching necklace in your bag to slip on if other guests are dressed more formally.

Have Your Hair Professionally Blown Out 

Face it, you've seen it before — the girl who looks great from the front but the hair on the back of her head doesn't quite match the rest of the style. This commonly happens when someone does her own hair, and no matter how good of an amateur stylist you are, this can happen to you as well. Having your hair styled by a professional ensures that every angle is covered so that your hair looks just as good from the back and the sides as it does from the front. Blow dried styling also holds up extremely well and can last for as long as several days, so you won't have to worry about your hair not going the distance if the occasion lasts for hours. As an added benefit, your blow dry stylist can apply products designed to keep your hair holding its shape even in humid conditions. 

Do a Trial Run on Your Makeup 

You'll probably want amp up your usual makeup routine for the big event by adding some extra sparkle and shine, but it's best not to wait for the day of the big event to try out new looks. Doing a trial run with the products you want to use will help ensure that you get the effects you want when the time comes to put your best face forward on the big day. 

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