Get The Plump Lips You've Always Wanted With A Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

If you're unhappy with your lips because you think they have an odd shape or that they're too thin, then lip augmentation could be for you. Different types of dermal fillers can be used for the procedure, but hyaluronic acid is one of the more common. Here's why it's a good choice for lips and how it's used.

Why Hyaluronic Acid Is A Good Dermal Filler

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent dermal filler for lips because it leaves your lips feeling and looking completely natural. It can be used to make your lips plumper and to define their shape. One of the benefits of choosing hyaluronic acid is that the results can be reversed if you don't like the way your lips look after the procedure. All your doctor has to do is inject hyaluronidase into the same area and the hyaluronic acid is broken down and your lips return to normal. While this can be done, a better approach to getting the results you want is to start with small injections and work your way up until you get the results you like at a slower pace that makes the changes seem less drastic.

How Dermal Fillers Are Applied To Your Lips

Getting dermal fillers is a quick process that you could do on a lunch break. Your lips are numbed during the procedure so it isn't painful. Your doctor uses a tiny needle to inject the hyaluronic acid into the appropriate areas around your lips to cause them to plump up. You may need multiple injections depending on the results you're trying to achieve. When the injections are complete, you'll probably have ice applied to your lips to reduce swelling. You'll be able to go about your usual routine right away but you should avoid strenuous exercise for the rest of the day.

What Results To Expect With Lip Augmentation

Before you undergo the procedure, you and your doctor will discuss the results you want to see so you get the results you want. You should notice the difference right away, but it may take a day or so for the final results to be obvious. There will be some swelling right after the procedure, and once that's gone, the new shape of your lips will be easy to see. The results should last for several months depending on how fast your body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid. Once your lips start returning to their original shape and size, you can have the procedure repeated to maintain their plump appearance.

Unlike some cosmetic procedures, getting a dermal filler in your lips is reversible when the doctor uses hyaluronic acid, so it is not a risky procedure. You can finally have the plump lips you've always wanted without fear that you'll hate the results. Contact a clinic, like Adult Health N.P. PLLC, for more help

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