Specific Results That Can Occur After A Chair Massage

If you work in a large office complex that occasionally advertises on-site services for employees, it's worthwhile to check if any massage therapists are scheduled to work in your location. Many massage clinics have therapists offering chair massages in office settings, which can provide a pleasant break in the workday and a number of benefits such as stress reduction. Check for a sign-up sheet for a chair massage and get busy looking forward to your appointment. You can expect to enjoy these specific results after your chair massage.

Relief From Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is something that bothers many people in the workplace. At worst, you could end up being off work because of your discomfort. In less-concerning instances, you might be stiff and sore for much of the workday, given the amount that you sit. Although you should also look at adding a little more movement to your day, having a chair massage can be an effective way to get relief from pain in this part of your body. When you're seated on the chair, your lower back is one of the areas that is easy for the massage therapist to work on. This means that achy muscles will get gently kneaded to help make them feel better.

Shoulder Relaxation

Having tight shoulders is another issue that can be prevalent in an office environment. Whether from sitting for long periods of time in front of the computer, holding a phone with a raised shoulder, or even due to stress, it's easy for employees to experience tightness and fatigue in this area. A chair massage is ideal for loosening up sore and tight shoulder muscles, given the manner in which you sit. Your massage therapist will stand in front of you and work out the restrictions in your shoulders to make them feel lighter and more flexible.

Relief From Headaches

If you suffer from work-related headaches, a chair massage is a good idea. Whether you get your headaches from stress or as a result of eye strain from staring at your computer screen for hours at a time, you can expect relief after your chair massage. The therapist will use his or her fingertips to move around your scalp, helping to relax your tight skull muscles and promote blood flow to the area. If you're happy with your chair massage, find out how frequently this clinic environment is offered, and then consider booking each time.

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