Short Hair? Here Are Some Options For Your Wedding Day

Having short hair definitely comes in handy on an everyday basis. You don't have to spend hours a week brushing through it or detangling it as you would if it were long. However, if you are getting married soon, you may be wondering what to do with your short hair. You may look at photos of brides with long, flowing locks and feel a pang of jealously. But actually, there are plenty of ways to make yourself (and your hair) look absolutely stunning on your wedding day, even when you have short hair. Here are a few ideas.

Hair Extensions

If you really want to rock long locks on your wedding day, you can have your stylist add extensions to your hair. There are a few different types of extensions to consider. Sewn-in extensions can take a few hours to apply. As the name suggests, they are woven into your hair near the roots. These look very natural, and once they are in place, your stylist can style them into any hairdo you like — just as if you have long natural hair. The extensions can remain in place for a few weeks, which means you can have long hair for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner, too!

If you don't want to sit in the stylist's chair for hours on end, you can opt instead for clip-in extensions. These are small "chunks" of hair on tiny clips. They work best with intricate half-up dos, since these styles tend to hide the clips. Unlike with sewn-in extensions, you'll only be able to wear them for the day of the wedding, and you'll want to take them out before bed that night since they can be uncomfortable.

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Flower Headbands

Another way to style your hair is to add a touch of decoration. A flower headband, for example, can add a bit of pizzazz to your hair and make your short hair look exceedingly elegant. You can even find headbands with very narrow bands that are easily camouflaged under your hair. By the time your stylist puts the headband on, all that you'll be able to see is the flowers.

Mock Up-Dos

If your hair is a pixie cut or shorter, your stylist may be able to curl and pin it in such a way that makes it look like you actually have longer hair styled into an updo. He or she can give the hair more body on one side than on the other if you like an offset updo, or the volume can be concentrated at the crown of your head. The only person who will realize you have short hair will be you!

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